Looking Scottsdale Luxury Homes for Sale?

Scottsdale Fine Properties is pleased to share with you the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) data. The program below gives you the ability to do your own searches based on your wants and desires.

A few points to help you in your searches:

  1. The map shows you the area where the listing are located. (use the “+ or –“ feature of Zoom slide at the top to adjust the size of the area
    • It is best to keep your searches with the Zoom slide near the mid-point of the slide
    • If the map goes black, you have overwhelmed the system, you need to go more slowly.
  2. Use your mouse “click and drag” feature to move the map to show your city area of interest.
  3. Define your search criteria by using the sliding scales on the left. (If you want to use text boxes you can make that selection within the Search tab.)
  4. The Advanced tab at the bottom helps to define your search results against major category of properties.
  5. Once selections have been made move the pointer off the map to see the number of properties that meet your criteria.
    (The starting defaults include all Rentals and Residential properties)
  6. Select the Results tab on the left to see the listing details.
    (By scrolling over the map markers you can pinpoint the location of the various properties.)

CAUTION: searching for luxury homes this way is fun and a good start, but it can be a bit overwhelming.
Give us a call for help on your search process for your Scottsdale luxury home.

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